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What a Real Estate Agent can’t tell you…

As a Real Estate Agent we are held to a certain standard of professionalism. It is our job to try and help our clients to the fullest. However, our hands are tied when it comes to certain things. I have been asked so many times about schools and demographics as a Real Estate Agent. I understand […]

Top 5 Reasons you must have professional photography when selling a house

1) First impressions are EVERYTHING! In today’s market most people search the internet first to find homes that they would like to view in person. I can tell you that professional photography makes all the difference to buyers searching the internet. If you do not have professional photos taken your house probably won’t make the list. […]

Top 5 Things to AVOID before buying a HOME!

1) Do NOT apply for new credit. If you apply for new credit it can lower your credit score. When buying a home you want your credit scores to stay as high as possible to get the best possible interest rates. 2) Do NOT increase your debts. If you make a purchase using credit it can change your debt to […]